Many works remain hidden even in this day of instant search and instant access.

Site Objectives Old stone stair to blue sky

  1. Identify published works* by the Bible verses exposited therein,
    ⇒ so that Pastors, Seminarians and others studying the Word of God may …
    1. Gain insight, perspective, wisdom, and concepts for the Bible Passage they are studying from the prior Works of Pastors, Scholars, and other writers.
    2. Spend their resources acquiring and using works relevant to their interests
    3. Decrease the time spent finding relevant resources
    4. Keep their reference library aligned with their objectives.
  2. Educate and Enrich the Church of Jesus Christ,
    ⇒ so that the Church may…
    1. Be enriched by our brothers & sisters who lived, treasured, and contemplated the things of God in the past.
    2. Grow in unity, understanding, and wisdom.
  3. Present links for the purpose of obtaining these works,
    ⇒ so that inquiring minds may
    1. Easily access these troves of wisdom (and folly), in a timely and relevant manner
    2. Circumvent curation** or unintentional / anonymous censorship.
    3. Encourage additions
  4. Easily expand as new works are made available,
    ⇒ so that this Site
    1. Adapts and changes
    2. Stays Useful

* Works are published books, audio, or video files.
** Curation in this context is by popularity or algorithm. Curation is used in this site as a optional filtering mechanism.

In the coming months, we intend to present search features that corellate scripture to these hidden sources so that you have access from publishers such as: